Lab Results

Please see below for your product 3rd part laboratory Certificate of Analyisis (COA). These documents are created by a licensed lab that shows the analytical test results on a batch of cannabis products, confirming their potency and purity and ensuring they are safe for consumption.

Top-Shelf Indoor Hemp Flower:

Indoor Abacus

Abacus Indoor Flower CBD

Best: 2002044-03 | Recent: 2009226-07

Indoor Apollo CBG

Apollo Indoor Hemp Flower

Indoor Awesome Blossom

Indoor Awesome Blossom CBD Flower

Best / Recent: 2006026-01

Indoor Boax

Indoor Boax Flower

Best: 2006026-05 | Recent: 2008403-03

Indoor Cherry Blossom

Indoor Cherry Blossom

Best / Recent: 2008403-02

Indoor Cherry Wine

Indoor Cherry Wine Flower

Best: 2002044-01 | Recent: 2009226-14

Indoor Citrus Fire

Indoor Citrus Fire

Best: 2001182-01 | Recent: 2009226-06

Indoor Funnel Cake

Indoor Funnel Cake CBD

Indoor Lifter

Indoor Lifter Flower

Best / Recent: 2009226-05

Indoor Mountain Mango

Indoor Mountain Mango Strain

Best: 2002044-08 | Recent: 2009226-02

Indoor Sour Space Candy

Indoor Sour Space Candy

Best / Recent: 2008403-01

Indoor Wife

Indoor Wife Strain

Best: 2007033-02 | Recent: 2009246-03

Indoor Sour Garlic Cake

Indoor Mountain Mango Strain
Best / Recent: 06-23-2023-35093

Indoor Purple Punch

Indoor Sour Space Candy
Best / Recent: 06-23-2023-35095

Indoor Jelly Rancher

Indoor Wife Strain
Best / Recent: 06-23-2023-35097

Indoor Super Wedding Cake

Indoor Mountain Mango Strain
Best / Recent: 06-23-2023-35099

Indoor Thin Mints

Thin Mints Strain

Best / Recent: 06-23-2023-35098

Indoor Gas O.G.

Indoor Wife Strain

Best / Recent:07-18-2923-35901

Indoor Zkittles

Indoor Mountain Mango Strain
Best / Recent: 604-012023-012

Indoor Oreoz


Best / Recent: 614-062223-046

Indoor Gelato


Best / Recent: 614-062223-039

Indoor Ice Cream Cake

Indoor Mountain Mango Strain
Best / Recent: 614-062223-042

Tri-Star Medical™ Tinctures, Capsules and Topicals

Premium CBD Isolate Tinctures

30mL – 500mg |  2019017119

30mL – 1,000mg | 2019013553

30mL – 2,000mg | 2019013554

Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture

30mL – 600mg | 11-17-2022-27240

30mL – 1,200mg | 2019013552

30mL – 2,400mg | 2019013556

Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules

30ct – 25mg | 1909NBL0855.1939

30ct – 50mg | 1909NBL0855.1929


Premium Topical Products

Full-Spectrum CBD Salve – 300mg


Full-Spectrum CBD Lotion – 1,200mg


Premium CBD Pet Tinctures

Large Pets 30mL – 400mg |  11-22-2022-27398

Small Pets 30mL – 200mg | 11-22-2022-27397

Craft Cannabis Recreational Products

Full-Spectrum Recreational Brownie – 400mg

Delta-9 Edible Brownie

Full-Spectrum Recreational Chocolate Chip Cookie – 400mg

Shop Wholesale Delta-9 Cookie

Full-Spectrum Recreational
Take-A-Hike-Bar – 400mg

cannabis trail bar

Full-Spectrum Recreational Sucker – 50mg

Delta 9 Candy Wholesale
Grape Sucker 11-22-2022-27408

Cinnamon Sucker 11-22-2022-27411

Sour Apple Sucker 11-22-2022-27410

Mango Sucker 08-08-2022-23109

Strawberry Sucker 11-22-2022-27409

Full-Spectrum Recreational Snickerdoodle Cookie  – 400mg

Full-Spectrum Recreational Gummy – 200mg

Wholesale Delta-9 Gummy

Blueberry Jello Shot

Candy Rope Nerd Bites

CBD Pet Treat

Moonrock Pre-Roll

Cereal Bar

D9 Cereal Bar Rice Krispy Treat

Sticky Tomato Sour Blueberry Delta-9 CBC Gummies

Sticky Tomato Grapefruit CBN Gummies

Sticky Tomato Dragon Fruit CBN Gummies

Sticky Tomato Gummies Delta 8

Sticky Tomato Gummies Delta 9

Sticky Tomato Kiwi Delta-9 Gummies

Sticky Tomato Pink Lemonade Delta-9 Gummies

Sticky Tomato Tropic Mix Delta-9 CBG Gummies

Sticky Tomato Key Lime Mix Delta-9 CBD Gummies

Watermelon Full Spectrum Rosin Gummies

Sticky Tomato Delta-9 Blueberry 100 CT

Sticky Tomato Pineapple CBN

Energy CBG Gummies

Calming CBD Gummies

Night Time Recreational Melatonin Gummies

D9 Cereal Bar Rice Krispy Treat

Infused Oils & Condiments

D9 Cereal Bar Rice Krispy Treat
Honey KN20519004-001

Marinara KN20325006-003

Coconut Oil KN20418011-002

Olive Oil KN20325006-005

Sesame Oil KN20422002-002

Aoili KN20503007-001

Blue Cheese KN20601009-001

Caesar KN20422003-001

Chocolate Sauce 08-05-2022-23067

Butter – Garlic KN20503007-003

Butter – Cajun KN20422002-001

Infused Sauces & Condiments

D9 Cereal Bar Rice Krispy Treat

Hot Sauce KN20418011-001

Wing Sauce – Mild 08-26-2022-23798

White Sauce 08-19-2022-23520

Steak Sauce 07-22-2022-22604

Soy Sauce 07-22-2022-22603

Ranch Dressing 08-26-2022-23821

Mustard – Yellow 07-22-2022-22605

Mustard – Hot KN20503007-002

Mustard – Honey 08-19-2022-23522

Ketchup 07-22-2022-22607

Jerk Sauce 08-26-2022-23822

BBQ Sauce 08-19-2022-23521

Salsa 08-03-2023-36590

Juice Shots

cannabis juice shots

Lemon Haze 11-22-2022-27401

Orange Crush 11-22-2022-27404

Limeade Lifter 09-01-2022-24058

Grape 11-22-2022-27400

Super Greens 11-22-2022-27402

Ginger 12-08-2022-27906


D9 Cereal Bar Rice Krispy Treat


Bloody Mary 09-01-2022-24054

Sangria 09-01-2022-24053

Margarita 09-01-2022-24052

OG Old Fashioned 08-03-2023-36576

Arnie Palmy 08-03-2023-36573


Top-Shelf Moonrock Gram

Moonrock Pre-Roll

Moonrock Pre-Roll

Full-Spectrum THCa/Delta-8 Wax – 1g

Top-Shelf THCa & Delta-9 Wax

HHCO Cartridge

Top-Shelf THCa & Delta-9 Wax
Blue Dream 08-26-2022-23783

Wedding Cake 604-111722-007

Delta-8 Cartridge

Top-Shelf THCa & Delta-9 Wax
Wedding Cake 604-111722-009

THCa Diamonds

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