Lab Results

Please see below for your product 3rd part laboratory Certificate of Analyisis (COA). These documents are created by a licensed lab that shows the analytical test results on a batch of cannabis products, confirming their potency and purity and ensuring they are safe for consumption.

Top-Shelf Indoor Hemp Flower:

Indoor Abacus

Abacus Indoor Flower CBD

Best: 2002044-03 | Recent: 2009226-07

Indoor Apollo CBG

Apollo Indoor Hemp Flower

Best: 2008119-01 | Recent: 2009226-08

Indoor Awesome Blossom

Indoor Awesome Blossom CBD Flower

Best / Recent: 2006026-01

Indoor Boax

Indoor Boax Flower

Best: 2006026-05 | Recent: 2008403-03

Indoor Cherry Blossom

Indoor Cherry Blossom

Best / Recent: 2008403-02

Indoor Cherry Wine

Indoor Cherry Wine Flower

Best: 2002044-01 | Recent: 2009226-14

Indoor Citrus Fire

Indoor Citrus Fire

Best: 2001182-01 | Recent: 2009226-06

Indoor Funnel Cake

Indoor Funnel Cake CBD

Best: 2007033-05 / Recent: 2004148-01

Indoor Lifter

Indoor Lifter Flower

Best / Recent: 2009226-05

Indoor Mountain Mango

Indoor Mountain Mango Strain

Best: 2002044-08 | Recent: 2009226-02

Indoor Sour Space Candy

Indoor Sour Space Candy

Best / Recent: 2008403-01

Indoor Wife

Indoor Wife Strain

Best: 2007033-02 | Recent: 2009246-03

Tri-Star Medical™ Tinctures, Capsules and Topicals

Premium CBD Isolate Tinctures

30mL – 500mg |  2019017119

30mL – 1,000mg | 2019013553

30mL – 2,000mg | 2019013554

Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture

30mL – 600mg | 2019013555

30mL – 1,200mg | 2019013552

30mL – 2,400mg | 2019013556

Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules

30ct – 25mg | 1909NBL0855.1939

30ct – 50mg | 1909NBL0855.1929


Premium Topical Products

Full-Spectrum CBD Salve – 300mg


Full-Spectrum CBD Lotion – 1,200mg


Craft Cannabis Recreational Products

Full-Spectrum Recreational Brownie – 400mg

Delta-9 Edible Brownie

Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract
40mg THC.  [<0.3% THC]


Full-Spectrum Recreational Chocolate Chip Cookie – 400mg

Shop Wholesale Delta-9 Cookie

Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract
40mg THC.  [<0.3% THC]


Full-Spectrum Recreational
Take-A-Hike-Bar – 400mg

cannabis trail bar

Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract
32mg THC.  [<0.3% THC]


Full-Spectrum Recreational Sucker – 50mg

Delta 9 Candy Wholesale

Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract
10mg THC.  [<0.3% THC] per sucker


Full-Spectrum Recreational Gummy – 200mg

Wholesale Delta-9 Gummy

Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract
20mg THC.  [<0.3% THC]


Full-Spectrum THCa/Delta-8 Wax – 1g

Top-Shelf THCa & Delta-9 Wax

Full-Spectrum THCa/Delta-8
[<0.3% delta-9 THC]



Top-Shelf Moonrock Gram

Moonrock Pre-Roll

Moonrock Pre-Roll

Delta-8 Cartridge

Top-Shelf THCa & Delta-9 Wax

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