Lab Results

Please see below for your product 3rd part laboratory Certificate of Analyisis (COA). These documents are created by a licensed lab that shows the analytical test results on a batch of cannabis products, confirming their potency and purity and ensuring they are safe for consumption.

Top-Shelf Indoor Hemp Flower:

Indoor Abacus

Abacus Indoor Flower CBD

Best: 2002044-03 | Recent: 2009226-07

Indoor Apollo CBG

Apollo Indoor Hemp Flower

Indoor Awesome Blossom

Indoor Awesome Blossom CBD Flower

Best / Recent: 2006026-01

Indoor Boax

Indoor Boax Flower

Best: 2006026-05 | Recent: 2008403-03

Indoor Cherry Blossom

Indoor Cherry Blossom

Best / Recent: 2008403-02

Indoor Cherry Wine

Indoor Cherry Wine Flower

Best: 2002044-01 | Recent: 2009226-14

Indoor Citrus Fire

Indoor Citrus Fire

Best: 2001182-01 | Recent: 2009226-06

Indoor Funnel Cake

Indoor Funnel Cake CBD

Indoor Lifter

Indoor Lifter Flower

Best / Recent: 2009226-05

Indoor Mountain Mango

Indoor Mountain Mango Strain

Best: 2002044-08 | Recent: 2009226-02

Indoor Sour Space Candy

Indoor Sour Space Candy

Best / Recent: 2008403-01

Indoor Wife

Indoor Wife Strain

Best: 2007033-02 | Recent: 2009246-03

Indoor Sour Garlic Cake

Indoor Mountain Mango Strain
Best / Recent: 06-23-2023-35093

Indoor Purple Punch

Indoor Sour Space Candy
Best / Recent: 06-23-2023-35095

Indoor Jelly Rancher

Indoor Wife Strain
Best / Recent: 06-23-2023-35097

Indoor Super Wedding Cake

Indoor Mountain Mango Strain
Best / Recent: 06-23-2023-35099

Indoor Thin Mints

Thin Mints Strain

Best / Recent: 06-23-2023-35098

Indoor Gas O.G.

Indoor Wife Strain

Best / Recent:07-18-2923-35901

Tri-Star Medical™ Tinctures, Capsules and Topicals

Premium CBD Isolate Tinctures

30mL – 500mg |  2019017119

30mL – 1,000mg | 2019013553

30mL – 2,000mg | 2019013554

Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture

30mL – 600mg | 11-17-2022-27240

30mL – 1,200mg | 2019013552

30mL – 2,400mg | 2019013556

Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules

30ct – 25mg | 1909NBL0855.1939

30ct – 50mg | 1909NBL0855.1929


Premium Topical Products

Full-Spectrum CBD Salve – 300mg


Full-Spectrum CBD Lotion – 1,200mg


Premium CBD Pet Tinctures

Large Pets 30mL – 400mg |  11-22-2022-27398

Small Pets 30mL – 200mg | 11-22-2022-27397

Craft Cannabis Recreational Products

Full-Spectrum Recreational Brownie – 400mg

Delta-9 Edible Brownie

Full-Spectrum Recreational Chocolate Chip Cookie – 400mg

Shop Wholesale Delta-9 Cookie

Full-Spectrum Recreational
Take-A-Hike-Bar – 400mg

cannabis trail bar

Full-Spectrum Recreational Sucker – 50mg

Delta 9 Candy Wholesale
Grape Sucker 11-22-2022-27408

Cinnamon Sucker 11-22-2022-27411

Sour Apple Sucker 11-22-2022-27410

Mango Sucker 08-08-2022-23109

Strawberry Sucker 11-22-2022-27409

Full-Spectrum Recreational Snickerdoodle Cookie  – 400mg

Full-Spectrum Recreational Gummy – 200mg

Wholesale Delta-9 Gummy

Blueberry Jello Shot

Candy Rope Nerd Bites

CBD Pet Treat

Moonrock Pre-Roll

Cereal Bar

D9 Cereal Bar Rice Krispy Treat

Sticky Tomato Sour Blueberry Delta-9 CBC Gummies

D9 Cereal Bar Rice Krispy Treat

Sticky Tomato Grapefruit CBN Gummies

D9 Cereal Bar Rice Krispy Treat

Sticky Tomato Dragon Fruit CBN Gummies

D9 Cereal Bar Rice Krispy Treat

Sticky Tomato Gummies Delta 8

D9 Cereal Bar Rice Krispy Treat

Sticky Tomato Kiwi Delta-9 Gummies

D9 Cereal Bar Rice Krispy Treat

Sticky Tomato Tropic Mix Delta-9 CBG Gummies

D9 Cereal Bar Rice Krispy Treat

Watermelon Full Spectrum Rosin Gummies

Sticky Tomato Delta-9 Blueberry 100 CT

Sticky Tomato Pineapple CBN

Energy CBG Gummies

Calming CBD Gummies

Night Time Recreational Melatonin Gummies

D9 Cereal Bar Rice Krispy Treat

Infused Oils & Condiments

D9 Cereal Bar Rice Krispy Treat
Honey KN20519004-001

Marinara KN20325006-003

Coconut Oil KN20418011-002

Olive Oil KN20325006-005

Sesame Oil KN20422002-002

Aoili KN20503007-001

Blue Cheese KN20601009-001

Caesar KN20422003-001

Chocolate Sauce 08-05-2022-23067

Butter – Garlic KN20503007-003

Butter – Cajun KN20422002-001

Infused Sauces & Condiments

D9 Cereal Bar Rice Krispy Treat

Hot Sauce KN20418011-001

Wing Sauce – Mild 08-26-2022-23798

White Sauce 08-19-2022-23520

Steak Sauce 07-22-2022-22604

Soy Sauce 07-22-2022-22603

Ranch Dressing 08-26-2022-23821

Mustard – Yellow 07-22-2022-22605

Mustard – Hot KN20503007-002

Mustard – Honey 08-19-2022-23522

Ketchup 07-22-2022-22607

Jerk Sauce 08-26-2022-23822

BBQ Sauce 08-19-2022-23521

Salsa 08-03-2023-36590

Juice Shots

cannabis juice shots

Lemon Haze 11-22-2022-27401

Orange Crush 11-22-2022-27404

Limeade Lifter 09-01-2022-24058

Grape 11-22-2022-27400

Super Greens 11-22-2022-27402

Ginger 12-08-2022-27906


D9 Cereal Bar Rice Krispy Treat


Bloody Mary 09-01-2022-24054

Sangria 09-01-2022-24053

Margarita 09-01-2022-24052

OG Old Fashioned 08-03-2023-36576

Arnie Palmy 08-03-2023-36573


Top-Shelf Moonrock Gram

Moonrock Pre-Roll

Moonrock Pre-Roll

Full-Spectrum THCa/Delta-8 Wax – 1g

Top-Shelf THCa & Delta-9 Wax

HHCO Cartridge

Top-Shelf THCa & Delta-9 Wax
Blue Dream 08-26-2022-23783

Wedding Cake 604-111722-007

Delta-8 Cartridge

Top-Shelf THCa & Delta-9 Wax
Wedding Cake 604-111722-009

THCa Diamonds

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